Brand proposal Kruisem
Kruishoutem and Zingem are like many others looking to merge into one municipality. This gave me the idea to proactively research and study what makes both municipalities great and where common ground can be found.
An ideal opportunity to use co-creation & design thinking to research and define the general idea using the power of the inhabitants of both municipalities.

Research phase
Open invitations for co-creation sessions were issued, surveys were sent via email. With the idea of gathering as much information as possible. After finising the sessions and processing the input from the surveys, a couple of patterns surfaced:
- Kruishoutem and Zingem have a total of 9 iconic windmills.
- People love how green and quiet the surroundings are.
- They are proud inhabitants who love tradition.
- Marc De Bel, well known kids book author from Kruishoutem once wrote a book called 'The Cats from Kruisem".
Identity development
The symbol resembles a windmill in the fields. Kruisem has a total of 9 historic windmills. The reason to also include a modern Coat-Of-Arms is to keep the link with rich heritage of both municipalities.
Celebrating the marriage
With beer, totes & t-shirts & other goodies for everyone.

Physical Integration into the landscape
Physical integration of the new branding into the landscape of Kruisem. Encouraging people to take pictures and share the beauty of Kruisem.
Communication Campaign
Posters promoting places to visit in Kruisem

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