InnovationWall is creating a community & knowledge sharing platform for people & companies working on solving the complex challenges set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They asked Quest to challenge their user experience and to create a futureproof design direction for their platform.
Project role: Creative/UX Director (Actively involved in every phase of the project)
Project Tasks:
Expert review, desk research, conceptual design, interaction design, wireframing, design direction, Visual Design
Project approach
Co-creating a Design Direction
The InnovationWall platform needed a redesign, so I created a workshop to get a clear view inside the minds of the InnovationWall team and co-create a design direction for InnovationWall 2.0.
Digital product design

Exploring topics in the list view.

An alternative view of a community visualized. The pulse indicates the activity/growth of the topic.

Feed view within a chosen topic.

A longread knowlegde post.

Simplifying the posting process
The goal was to make the posting of either knowlegde, question or an idea a similiar experience.

Example of a simple post flow

Full example of the post flow.

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