Do you regularly eat out with friends? Or do you often have drinks with friends at the pub? And did you (in that pub) had the amazing idea to support a good cause or just had the crazy idea to book a last minute trip to the sun?
Then you know that it's always hard to get money on the table. Nobody is too worried to pay, but who needs to pay what? With GRPPY, the mobile group payment app this becomes a breeze.
Role: Creative/Design Director
Team size: 8-12

Core project tasks:
- Creative/Design Direction
- UX & Art Direction
- Interaction Design & wireframing
- Meetings with project stakeholders
- Scope definition,
- Concepting
- overseeing overall execution throughout the entire projects (budget, deliverables, concept,. ...)
Background story of how GRPPY came to existence. (Dutch)
The User Experience Design
The Branding & advertising
National B2C Campaign
Bumpers for social media advertising
The video contains all 3 bumpers.
Social Media
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