The Smartest - Port Of Rotterdam
The Port of Rotterdam has troubles competing with other harbours on a worldwide scale. They realised that being the biggest isn't enough in today's world.
They decided to find a partner that could help them become 'The Smartest Harbor'. That's when a partnership between Ordina/CLOCKWORK was made. By creating user-centered digital & service-oriented solutions we put the world's biggest harbour back on the (digital) map.
After an intensive research phase, an extensive list of ideas for applications & services was created. First, we created a new 'Portal' that can be used as a starting point for later implementation of new features, apps and services.
Some examples of new services are:
- CONNECTIONS: a service that lets you map your route from and to the Port of Rotterdam. 
- KING: which you can use to book your own dockside in the harbour.
- DYNAR: a realtime planner that advices you on the tides in the Port of Rotterdam. 

These are just a few of the things that are in development or already widely available. Every new product launch gets accompanied by a fitting campaign raising awareness with customer & employees of the Port of Rotterdam.

Agency: CLOCKWORK/Ordina
Team size: 20/50
Project roles: Creative Director, Service design architect, Product architect

Core project tasks:
- Creative/UX direction
- Product architecture
- Service Blueprint
- meetings with project stakeholders
- User research (workshops with end-users, stakeholders, energy producers, product partners)
- Creative brief creation 
- Overseeing overall execution throughout the entire projects (budget, deliverables, concept,. ...)
- Quality assurance

Case movie (dutch)
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