Missing Persons (design sprint)
40,000 people go missing every year, most of them, fortunately, found within 24 hours. Acting fast is crucial for a positive outcome. We developed an innovative app to take action together.
Design Sprint(s)
This was the briefing for a 2x 5-day design sprint. One for the ideation + validation and another on to build the first real working prototype for large scale testing. The totla teamsize was around 12 people from start to finish!
Project role: Design/UX Director, Sprint facilitator
Project tasks: User testing, prototyping, wireframing, facilitation, visual design, Journey mapping, Personas
The willingness to help is excellent, but no one knows where they have already looked. Searching together helps to set up a search quickly and in a coordinated manner. Through the app, participants can join, share locations and updates, add photos and chat with the coordinator.
Together with the National Police we devised the idea, validated it and developed it as a pilot. This provided many new insights about the process and the psychological effects of missing persons. The app will be further developed for national availability soon.
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