I expected more from this page as well.
But while we're here we might just get it over with. By now you probably know my name is
Jeroen. I'm an experienced creative/art director from Belgium. 
I'm well versed in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from branding, communication campagnes, advertising, digital, UX, innovation & service design.

I'm always curious to learn more about new stuff. It's like they say: growth starts just oustide your comfort zone.

Like what you read & see?
Nice! Let's talk hello@jeca.be
Clients served: Nike, Kinepolis, Rabobank, Orange, Mobistar, Proximus, Touring, Alken Maes, TMVW/Waterlink, uGent, LIDL, ADMB Group, Modulyss, IVC Group, Acerta & many more

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